Tuesday, July 31, 2012


so sick ! this takes me back to my childhood,
TRIBAL has been a staple to the hiphop/streetwear community from the start, before i was able to buy turntables, i was all about graffiti, spent so many years trying to perfect my handstyle, developing my own style with a mix of influences and just getting submerged into the graffiti world.

i remember waiting for the 1st of the month so i could check artcrimes.com
to see what new pieces were posted, so i could print them out and try to emulate the style but saying "casper" instead, lol.

growing up in nicaragua we had a different style of hiphop, pretty much everything we got was through movies and tv, there was no direct feed, but you pretty much had to find it. the internet wasnt as popular and accessible, so when i had the chance to get online i would use it to my advantage.

Tribal was the one brand i admired, i remember the early 90s brands like KIK, porn star, JNCO, stussy, black fly,fuct, xlarge yaga, no fear, bad boy, etc. tribal was the one i was influenced the most, the part that they had collabs with artist like DAIM and cope 2 was so cool to me, since i was so inspired by them. here is the post on thehundreds.com