Friday, October 23, 2009

sometimes u just gotta let it out,
these r songs that mean alot to me,
and just get to me,
the kanye song is just me being stubborn,
when i lived at home i never appreciated my mom how i shouldve , and everytime i go back home and i see her it just reminds me of how young i was, how much better of a son i couldve been when i lived back home, but she knows how i feel...
i just dont wanna know how it feels to loose her...

this is probably one of the most depressing songs ever,
but all it reminds me of is one of my best friends who i lost about a yr ago,
one of my biggest influences and inspirations specially as a DJ,
my friend Jarrod, who was always there, always cheered me up and made everyone smile.
i still cant believe to this day that hes gone.
i miss him every day more and more, and i cant wait to see him again

u2 was a huge influence to me growing up,
my older sister IS STILL a huge u2 fan,
i remember me being amazed by her having every single u2 cd,
and listening to them everytime she came back to nicaragua,
this song is symbolic to nicaragua, cuz streets really have no names in nicaragua,
its all references and "landmarks" thats why this song reminds me of the homeland.
always will.

the following are songs that remind me of being young,
a kid with nothing to worry,
summers in miami,spending them at the grove or coral gables,

or being 16 and getting drunk and not having to worry bout driving home
and enjoying life,
man i miss those days.
or being in tech school, so not influenced by this country,
still nica in the inside and out....
wow, times change and ill remember the music of the moment.
thats why i love to dj.
and play music that takes me back to that moment.
i am an open format dj for a reason,
i dont limit myself to a genre so i can show u who i am thru the music i play.

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