Tuesday, September 1, 2009


so ive been procrastinating on making this post, for several reasons,
so on sat i found out that DJ AM passed away, if you know personally know me and know my passion for dj youve always known, how much i looked up to DJ AM, and how he was such a huge influence on me in everything, shoes , djing just life.
He was the first dj to REALLY put mashups on the map, he mixed music no one ever thought of mixing,
he was brave and would play songs ppl would be afraid to play
he broke the boundries of music.
when i started djing i played everything and i hated the club scene cuz you were a hiphop or house dj
if you played one in another crowd ppl just didnt get it, DJ AM made this acceptable,
i mean he played where ppl wer eopen minded and ready to party,
so ppl in sheltered areas (like san antonio) understood that its possible to play all genres.
if youve ever seen me dj outside of the club scene you know i am an open format dj, i play eveyrthing,
ive played stuff from lfo into q tip, and just blended
i had the honor to meet him last time he was in austin,
and actually talk to him and get to know him,
it was a sureal moment for me, just unbelivable,
dude was so humble and so chill and thats what i hear from everyone,
he wasnt even close to his best, everytime i saw a performace or heard a mix, it always put the bar even higher.
hes in a better play and my wish and prayers go out to his family.

heres a few of my fav. videos.