Tuesday, July 14, 2009

djing huh

so what can i say.
ive been out of the military for bout 9 month now,
been pretty much djing non stop since,
everywhere in san antonio, and tx

i got a call today bout a promising job, well see how it goes.
i leave next thursday to nicaragua for 2 weeks,
a very well needed vacation,
but im also loosing money out here, for not djing here those 2 weeks,
might get these 3 gigs but well see how it goes,
heres some pics from random places ive dj at, from vegas to harlingen.

i really hate this pic. shit looks mad gay, theirs a worse one but im not puttn it up, lol

lol at this one,

im the resident at this spot called luz, ima try to snap some pictures. so u se whutp