Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"i heard you like blogs...so we put a blog in your blog so you can look at your blog while you're looking at your blog"-xzibit


well how about i do a real post,
i went on jakes blog and i saw he did a roll, ima do one now.
just let yall know a few blogs i frequent.

like i said, jwdanklefs aka jake's blog.
good friend, one of my drinking partners.

then we got
aka Art,
another member of the sneaks up crew, good photographer.
also check out after 5 mixers (where I usually dj at and Art snaps pics)

SARAPBUHAY: The goodlife.

ran by a goodfriend of mine Brandon one of the members of the HOMEMADEGOODS fam

like i mentioned....HOMEMADEGOODS.
great fam, mutual support. putting out some real nice shirts

then we got a few nters that i check here and there,
im always intrested how other collectors live there lifes in different cities.