Wednesday, May 20, 2009

graffiti in my life

so this is a post ive been wanting to do forever but i always procrastinate on doing it.

im pretty sure ive mentioned it before, as a kid i was into graffiti in a MAJOR way
before i started djing i was a graff artist, started prob when i was 12
just tagging and writing,
i later on went on to doing bombs and moved on to pieces,
from pieces to walls to murals,
my mom saw m skills and put me in art classes which i went to for bout 2yrs
did a few paintings and applied that to my pieces,
after i graduated hs i did a few pieces on my book,
and once i joined the military i chilled,
drew here and there but just didnt have it in me, lost the motivation,
lost the feeling of writing, lost the love.
i still tag NON stop but just dont write like that anymore.
for a while a few yrs back i was doing canvases, just real simple and kinda abstract,
i still have all the paints and canvases , i need to get bak into that.

well off my soap box and on to the post,
the reason why im posting is to show yall who my #1 influence was as a kid,
goes by "CHUCK" aka Dorian Serpa,
he is the Originator in nicaraguan graffiti, he is the reason why half of these ppl write,
he pretty much layed the foundation,
after i left nica he kept doing his thing and started doing tattoos,
he's a great artist and a great person, ima post some of his pieces,
pics fomr his shop, and a lil bit of eveyrhitng,
i have old pics of his stuff and drawings he's done on my black book,
which i will post on the pt 2 to this.....
here we go

ima start with some of CHUCKS most recent work,these were don in Guatemala and EL salvador, Panama...

next few shots r pics i took at his shop, last time i went down and i got tatted up.

if you wanna see more of CHUCK's work peep his blog or his cru FSC

(on the FSC site is some older work,and stuff from my boy SPOOZ)

more Nicaraguan Graffiti check art crimes

im going to make a pt 2 to this with some older stuff i got from CHUCK and SPOOZ,