Monday, April 6, 2009

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i cant believe some ppl....

rock mohawks like theyre the newest thing out there...

(this goes to pple who it just doesnt look right one you know)

just started wearing flannels,

ppl who JUST started wearing slimmer clothing
or even OD by wearing super skinny (but sagging jeans)

(like come on you would clown on shit like this but now u do it SMH)

still wear keffiyeh's (arab scarf)
(i wear mines when it cold and just tucked in, i seen ppl rock them in like 90degrees sweatn there nuts off, like uhm is that necessary)

over dress,
try to dress up
or just wear a BLACK belt with BROWN shoes

(sometimes ppl try to over do it, n look lame, and i thgouht the belt shoes thing was a given)

rock the "stripped footlocker polo, pleated tommy khakis, POLO boots"
polo boots can be replaced by kswiss,
ive always hated those kswisses, like the ones with the chrome accents,
(worse part is that ppl wearm suuper beat, like out to stunt smh)

just a lil soap box.

well now to stuff i want.

been wanting it for a minute, now that my recession is over, hmmmmm well seeee

wanted them since they first came out, but slacked for reaaaaaaaaal

zara jacket, light weight, seen the red and blue ones, theyre fiiire

been seeing these lunars, and since i slept BAD on the ultramarine 180s when i saw them on sale, maybe these can do it for me.

needm for work, i know i can findm for cheaper, sawm for 50 today,
dont have to be sperrys, but some nice brown ones.

many others things i want.....
but well seee aiiiiiiiiiiiiight