Friday, February 6, 2009

so i been djing alot, tues-sat.
dont take much pics at the club since im spinning,
so i took some on my way over,

i know i never post pics, cuz im lazy,
but here are some from my last trip to eagle pass
(bout 2hr drive from SA, go out there bout once a week)

you awready know

had to stop and get my registration sticker,
since i got pulled over on my way there.
(and then on my way back, no tickets 2 warnings)

had to leave my mark

i was driving back, had my ipod on shuffle, and this came on,
comedy, i remember when this song came out, i was like wtfff who does shit like this,
it was a inside joke with a bunch of my friends, lol

heres the video which makes the song even funnier.