Wednesday, January 21, 2009


jan 21st 2009

man i love to dj,
but my sched is all fuckedup
i havent gone to bed before 6 in like 2 month,
i cant get shit done during the day and if i wake up i end up napping.

good thing is i got my equipment at lindsays
so i can dj pretty much whenevr and not so quietly.
oh well.

i play at eaglepass tomorrow
(maybe somewher eon thrus)
fri maybe at medusa
sat im waiting for some ppl to confirm a party.

ive been listening to the mix i made earlier,
its ok, but i got fed up halfway thru it, so i decided just to make it a "see my progress mix"
i would put it up, but ive decided to be more picky on what i post since i dont know whos on lurking on here. u know
in other news, whenvr my dayjob situatio clears up. these will be copped.