Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy new year.

yup new yr. few post .lol

well where can i start.

for nye i went to houston.
well stayd from the summit to the end.
spent time with my off/on and we went to go see armand van helden,
one of my favorite djs of all time, ive seen and met my other 2
(dj am and pual oakenfold)
so this was really looking forward to this, hes responsible for a huge hiphop influence in house music, when i meet ppl and they notice that i spin both hiphop and house, it seems to amaze them, when AVH has been doing it foreeeever.
so heres some of his music, and vids form the show, no those arent mine gotm o youtube.

hes the one with the run dmc fit, pics of this video wer posted on the hypebeast thread, lolz.

Armand Van Helden "I Want Your Soul" from triggerhappy on Vimeo.

but ya that was that, good show, awesome set.
didnt take my camera since im in the middle right now when it comes to girls,
jus didnt wanna any incriminating pics. lolz

in other news, just been djing alot,
was gonna dj with my boy allen e but then i got a call from this club owner, the call was at 10 and askd if u could be there, set up n ready to go by 1030 i was like :| , but i came thru at 1045, played n made cash.

still tryna figure out how to record on my mac, i dunno its all wierd, with serato it records internally, and it sounds hollow, wierd, if anyone got any info please let me know.