Monday, December 15, 2008


(soap box)
so the more free time i got the more i look into different street wear brands, and i see alot of repetition, karmaloop has flooded the market with these brands, brands that have come up in the last 2 yrs, most of them are on the same page, a rap line qoute, ripping off ysl, lv, gucci, fendi, etc, naked chick, or some kinda shoe related lingo ( my kicks are bettet ahn yours, shoe king, etc)

dont get me wrong i own a few shirts like these and i like some of there stuff,
it just crazy when i cant tell the different between brands you know,
theyre all following a mold, just doing it to do it,
its just on doing it right too.
brands just put all these cliche ideas together and put it all in one shirt, like huh?

lately ive dumbed it down, nothing too crazy or nothing thats like da da damnnn,
but ill still come out with some ridiculous shiiiiiit.

so heres a couple things im looking at.

alot of older stuff, i will always love graff inspired tees, being a graff head,
growing up in nicaragua ive always been around guns, specially aks,
so im always fond of them, lol

so here it is, lets see what comes up next...