Thursday, September 18, 2008


so i live in san antonio tx.
a pretty LATE city,
everything is late here, music, fashion, trends.etc.

im not saying im setting the standards but, i consider myself (and my friends) ahead of alot of people.
i constantly get asked where i got my shirts/shoes/hat/etc
and people would always jock. non stop

"why u wearing/doing _________"

the thing is now the page has turned,
people who jocked are starting to get into what they hated on,
wearing shirts that r fitted,wearing sb's supras...and of course....streetwear.
im not saying i been into all this forevr,
but jus to the ones hopping on the wagon, u kno

when will this fade? whats next for people to dick ride,
is affliction not cool anymore??? what happened to the rhyme stones on your shirt??
we will see where all this is going....

alot of streetwear brands have "dumbd it down"
and alot of simplicity is coming thru...time will tell

listening to:
bunch of music form here

wdywt from 17sept